How To Get Followers on Twitter


Yes, I know it’s been rebranded to X. All references to Twitter in this post have been updated to X

X is a big online meeting place where people talk, share ideas, and stay up-to-date with what’s happening worldwide. It’s not just for scrolling and chatting; it’s where news often comes out first, companies talk to customers, and people with different interests come together.

Imagine a place where you can tell many people about what you’re doing or thinking – that’s X. It’s insanely popular, with millions of people using it, so it’s a great place to make friends while letting people know about your hobbies, business, or thoughts.

Understanding how to use X can make you more popular online. It’s all about joining in on significant conversations, sharing your own stories, and listening to what others say.

This article is your guide to growing your X following from scratch.

It’s designed for those on X who want more people to follow their accounts. We’ll cover how X works and share practical strategies to attract followers. You’ll learn how to set up a profile that makes people want to follow you, create engaging content, and connect with others on the platform.

Whether you want to promote a hobby, business, or share your thoughts, this article will help you become more visible and popular on X, even if you’re a complete n00b.

Understanding X Basics

At its core, X is a social media platform where you can share your thoughts, news, or other content in short messages, known as “tweets.”

Here’s a breakdown of the critical fundamentals:

Tweets: These are the main form of communication on X. They are short messages, limited to 280 characters (Premium subscribers can post longer content), where you can include text, images, links, and videos. Tweets are public and can be seen by anyone unless your account is private.

Retweets (RTs): If you see a tweet you like and want to share with your followers, you can retweet it. This is like reposting someone else’s tweet to your profile. It’s a way to spread a message further and show your support or interest in the content.

Followers: These people choose to receive your tweets in their timelines. When someone follows you, they are interested in what you say and want to see your tweets when you post them.

Following: This refers to the list of people whose tweets you have chosen to follow. Their tweets will appear in your main feed, so you can stay updated with what they’re sharing.

Likes (Hearts): If you enjoy a tweet but don’t necessarily want to retweet it, you can ‘like’ it by clicking the heart icon. This is a way to show appreciation or agreement with the content.

Mentions and Replies: You can mention other users in your tweets by including their username preceded by the @ symbol. This is a way to engage directly with others. Replies are responses to other tweets and are part of a conversation.

Direct Messages (DMs): These are private messages between users on X. They’re not visible to the public and are a way to have private conversations.

These elements combine to create a dynamic platform where information is shared rapidly, and interactions can span across the globe, making X a unique and powerful tool for communication and networking.

X is unique compared to other social media because of a few key things:

Real-Time Conversation: X stands out for its fast-paced, real-time information sharing. People often use it to comment on live events, breaking news, and trending topics, making it a hub for immediate updates.

Public Nature: X is predominantly public, unlike some social platforms focusing on connecting with friends or closed groups. This openness allows you to discover and engage with various users, from celebrities to experts in multiple fields.

Retweets: Retweeting is a distinctive feature of X, enabling users to share others’ content easily. This fosters a sense of community and helps spread messages quickly across the network.

Direct Messaging: While public tweets are a significant part of X, it also offers private messaging. This allows for direct, one-on-one conversations with other users, effectively combining public and private communication.

Focused Content Streams: X’s feed is primarily driven by who you follow, offering a more curated stream of content tailored to your interests. This direct-follow model makes it simpler to tailor your feed to specific interests or topics.

Flexibility in Content Length: By removing the strict 280-character limit, X now supports more in-depth conversations and longer-form content. This flexibility allows for more detailed discussions and storytelling, broadening the scope of communication on the platform.

These features make X a dynamic and diverse platform, ideal for engaging in quick, wide-reaching, and varied conversations.

Creating a Strong Profile

Having a great X profile is important if you want to get more followers. Think of your profile like the cover of a book – it’s the first thing people see, and it can make them decide if they want to follow you. Here’s why each part matters:

Profile Picture: This is your main photo on X. Choose a clear, friendly picture so people can recognize you. It’s like a first impression, so make it good. Clear, in color, and looking directly at the camera or looking slightly in and down toward the timeline.

Bio: Your bio is a short description of you. Use it to tell people who you are and what you like to tweet about. It’s like a quick introduction, so make it interesting.

Header Image: This is the big picture at the top of your profile. Use it to show more about yourself, like your hobbies, favorite sports team, or (even better) details on exactly what you do and why they should follow you.

When all these parts look good and tell a story about you, people are likelier to follow you because they get to know who you are and what interests you.

Here are some easy tips to help you pick a great username and write a bio for X:

Username Tips:

Easy to Remember: Pick a username that’s simple and easy to remember and aligns with what you will tweet about.

Show What You Like: Choose a name that tells people what you tweet about, like your hobbies or what you’re good at.

Same Name, Different Places: If you use other social media, try to have the same name there too. It helps followers find you everywhere.

Keep it Short: A shorter name is better on X. It’s easier for people to mention you in their tweets without using too many characters.

X Bio Writing Tips

Be Yourself: Your bio should show your, or your brand’s, personality. Are you funny, serious, or unique?

Tell Your Interests: Write about what you love or are good at. This helps people with similar interests find you.

Use Relevant Words: Use words that are about your tweets. This helps when people search for those things.

Invite People to Do Something: Signing up for your email list or other offers, tell people to check it out in your bio. I use the location section of my bio for this purpose.

Keep it Updated: Change your bio occasionally, especially if new things happen or your interests change.

These tips will help you make a username and bio stand out and tell people what you’re all about on X.

Content is King: What to Tweet

“Content is King” emphasizes creating valuable, interesting, entertaining tweets that capture attention. Quality content drives engagement, attracts followers, and boosts your presence, making it central to your X strategy.

To attract followers on X, focus on sharing content that is a combination of the following:

Informative: Share useful information or tips, especially in areas where you have expertise. People love learning new things.

Entertaining: Funny tweets, amusing stories, or entertaining observations can attract a wide audience. Everyone enjoys a good laugh.

Engaging: Ask questions or post content that encourages interaction, like polls or thought-provoking statements. Engagement fosters community.

Visually Appealing: Use images, videos, or graphics to make your tweets stand out. Visuals often get more attention.

Relatable: Share experiences or thoughts that resonate with others. People connect with content that reflects their own life or interests.

Timely and Relevant: Tweet about current events, trends, or seasonal topics. Being relevant keeps your content fresh and interesting.

Inspirational: Motivational quotes or positive stories can attract followers who enjoy uplifting content.

Tone and subject matter consistency helps build a dedicated following that appreciates your unique perspective.

Using pictures and videos on X is a smart way to get more people to notice your tweets.

Here’s why they’re so powerful:

Grabs Attention: When people scroll through X, a picture or an interesting video can make them stop and look at your tweet. It’s like a colorful sign that says, “Hey, check this out!”

Tells a Story Fast: A good image or a short video can tell a story or show an idea quickly. Sometimes, they can say more than words alone.

More Shares and Likes: Tweets with pictures or videos often get more likes and shares. This means more people see your tweet, which can help you get more followers.

Show, Don’t Just Tell: Instead of just talking about something, you can show it with a photo or video. If you’re at an interesting place or made something awesome, a picture shows it way better.

Make It Fun: You can use videos and images to make your tweets fun and exciting. It’s a chance to be creative and show your personality.

So, when you tweet, think about adding a picture or a video. It could help your tweets stand out and get more people interested in what you say.

Engagement: The Heart of X Growth

Engagement means interacting with others through likes, retweets, replies, and direct messages on X. It’s about joining conversations, sharing thoughts, and building connections with other users.

This active participation helps increase your visibility and influence on the platform.

Engaging with other users on X means interacting with them in a friendly way. It’s like being part of a big conversation. Here are some strategies:

Replying: When someone tweets something interesting, you can reply to them. It’s like answering or adding to what they said. Be friendly and positive in your replies. This can start a chat and make them notice you.

Retweeting: If you see a tweet you like or agree with, you can retweet it. This means sharing that tweet with your followers. It’s like saying, “Hey, look at this cool thing this person said!” You can also add a comment to your retweet to say why you liked it.

Liking: When you like a tweet, you tap the heart icon. It’s a quick way to show someone you enjoyed their tweet. People often check who liked their tweets, so it’s a good way to get noticed.

Asking Questions: You can ask questions in your tweets or replies. People usually like to share their opinions or knowledge, so asking questions can get a lot of replies and start conversations.

Joining Conversations: You can join in if you see a conversation happening on a tweet. Just add your thoughts or opinions. It’s an excellent way to talk to new people.

The key is to be kind, respectful, and genuine.

People on X like making friends and talking to others who are nice and interesting.

Being active and consistent on X is like watering a plant regularly – it’s essential for growth.

Here’s why it’s important:

Staying Visible: More people will see your tweets if you tweet often. It’s like raising your hand in class; the more you do it, the more the teacher notices you. On X, the more active you are, the more your followers and others will see and remember you.

Building Relationships: Tweeting regularly helps you make and keep X friends. It’s like showing up to play at the same time every day; people start to expect and look forward to seeing you.

Showing You’re Real: When you tweet often, people see you’re a real person, not just an account that occasionally tweets. This helps build trust.

Keeping Up with Trends: X moves fast, and what’s popular changes quickly. Being active means you can talk about the latest things, which keeps your tweets interesting.

Developing Your Voice: The more you tweet, the better you get at it. You’ll find out what kinds of tweets work best for you and what your followers like.

You don’t have to tweet all the time, but you should tweet regularly. It helps people get to know you and keeps them interested in what you have to say.

Networking and Community Building

Networking and building a community on X are like making a team of friends who share your interests. Here’s why it’s powerful:

Meeting New People: X lets you connect with many people, from famous ones to others who like the same things you do. It’s like a big online club.

Learning from Others: By talking to people on X, you can learn new skills, get advice, and be exposed to new ideas.

Getting Support: When you’re part of an X community, you have people who can help you by sharing your tweets or giving you feedback.

Spreading Your Message: If you’re trying to tell people about something, like a project, product, or promotion, your X followers can help spread the word faster.

Building Relationships: Making friends on X isn’t just about numbers. It’s about really talking to people and getting to know them. These friendships can be beneficial, like if you need help or want to work on something together.

So, consider X a place to make friends and join groups that care about the same things you do. It’s not just about tweeting; it’s about being part of a community.

Staying Updated and Adapting

Staying updated with changes on X is important because X keeps changing to improve things or add new features. Here’s how you can stay in the know:

Follow X’s Official Account: Follow @X and @elonmusk because they often tweet about new updates or changes.

Experiment with New Features: When X adds something new, try it out. Playing around with new tools or features is a fun way to learn.

Watch What Popular Users Do: Sometimes, you can learn a lot by watching what people with many followers are doing. It might be worth trying if they start using a new feature or change how they tweet.

Spaces: Join spaces related to social media or marketing. People often talk about the latest X updates and share their experiences.